For close to 70 years and counting Family Cooperative Preschool has provided loving and child-centered programs for our community.

In 2002, Family Cooperative Preschool was faced with the choice of purchasing the schoolhouse building and the surrounding two-acre parcel, or relocating. Our Board of Directors unanimously voted to buy the property, thus ensuring that our nature-based curriculum and outdoor philosophy can continue for generations to come. The Board has also committed to meet our on-going purchase obligations through fundraising instead of tuition increases. Family Cooperative Preschool welcomes any donation to help support our school.

An ongoing fundraiser for our school is the sale of BRICKS which are installed in our entrance walkway. Brick orders received by the end of each school year are installed during the summer. Click here for the order form.

Fundraising Events

Every year the parents and teachers of the Family Cooperative Preschool organize a series of fundraising events. The funds raised are used for a variety of purposes, such as financial aid, improvement of our building and grounds, and purchase obligations. In addition, these events build a sense of community among the families at the school, both present and past.

Funds are raised in a variety of ways, including informal and organized social events, direct donations, and selling personalized bricks to help pave a commemorative pathway that will be part of Family Cooperative Preschool’s permanent history.

Here is a partial list of fundraising events for the 2021-2022 school year.

Events are subject to change

  • Fall Cash Raffle: MORE INFO BELOW - The annual Cash Raffle is an easy and exciting way to help Family Cooperative Preschool AND a chance to win some serious loot!

  • The $500 cash prize winner will be randomly selected on Friday, October 29th, live on social media

  • Fall Portrait Fundraiser (October 16-17) This fundraiser has been a fall favorite amongst Co-op families! Baby Viking Photography has generously offered fall portrait sessions at the Preschool! Siblings welcome! More information coming soon!

  • Ornaments Working with Hestia Creations, the beloved school ornament is back for the '21-'22 school year, don't miss out!

  • Amazon Fundraiser (All Year Long!!!) A no-brainer! Visit our Amazon Smile Account and confirm the school as your chosen charity. Then go to for your future purchases - same prices, products and everything else as the regular Amazon site, but your purchases help support the school!

  • Restaurant Night Pairing up with one of the hottest restaurants in town! Make sure you follow our social media for details! Facebook, & Instagram have all our updates!

  • Candy Dish - Just in time for Valentine's Day we'll be selling unbelievable sweets just for you! A great chance to purchase a festive treat for you and friends! More information coming!

  • Display My Art Fundraiser – An exciting opportunity to display your child’s artwork on one of a kind keepsakes!!


Please join us in our first fundraiser of the ‘21-‘22 school year!

The annual Cash Raffle is an easy and exciting way to help Family Cooperative Preschool AND a chance to win some serious loot!

The $500 cash prize winner will be randomly selected on Friday, October 29th, LIVE on social media.

The more you spend the greater the chance of winning. And for us, every little bit helps!

Don't forget to "like" us on social media and share the raffle info with all your friends and family.

All ticket sales will be online to ensure contactless sales.

Don't miss the chance to win the $500 cash prize and support an amazing school. You can pick your ticket package below.

1 ticket = $5.00

6 tickets = $25.00

12 tickets = $50.00

To purchase 1 ticket please click the following link:

To purchase 6 tickets please click the following link:

To purchase 12 tickets please click the following link:

Thank you for your support and participation!

FCP Fundraising Team


Working with Top Half Inc again this year we're bringing back T-Shirts! Everyone will be welcome to order for Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Lyn, and of course the Kids!

More info to follow soon. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, & Instagram!